Flamboyant Natural or Dramatic: Take Kibbe Quiz to Know Your Type

Are you aware of your body type? This article will share an alternative method to the usual categorization of human bodies (hourglass, inverted triangle, pear, circle, and rectangle). David Kibbe, an image consultant, developed a new system for classifying body types.

Being human, we all have a combination of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), according to David Kibbe. The five families that create Kibbe’s 13 body types are Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic. Take Kibbe Quiz to determine your body type.

Flamboyant Natural v/s Dramatic Type

The Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural body types are two examples of tall bodies. These two body types are characterized by tall women like Kate Moss and Kate Middleton. But how do the two contrast with one another?

Dramatic Type

  • Protracted limbs and a long vertical line on a dramatic body type can give the impression that the person is tall.
  • They appear taller usually because of their long limbs and vertical line, even though you can be any height to be dramatic.
  • Dramatics have a yang-dominant skeleton, making them sharp. Because their bones are long and narrow rather than broad or blunt like Flamboyant Natural body types, they have a vast bone structure.

Flamboyant Natural

  • The main characteristics of a Flamboyant Natural are breadth and vertical.
  • Like Dramatics, Flamboyant Naturals have a vast bone structure that gives them the appearance of being tall and lean.
  • Flamboyant Naturals’ bones are broad and blunt, in contrast, to Dramatics’. One of the key distinctions between the two categories is this.

Different Features

  • In the case of a Flamboyant Natural like Kate Middleton, the shoulders are dominant. They make a powerful statement when worn with a dress. On the other hand, Dramatic types have narrow shoulders. It can make a dress look sloppy on them.
  • Flamboyant Natural appears broader and extensively fleshed out, more muscular, despite the looser attire. People with such a body type seem completely at ease in their easy-going and off-the-shoulder clothing. It is complex to envision Dramatic Type appearing at ease in the same outfit.
  • The dramatic type discloses traits such as being rugged, more focused, and more sharp-minded. Flamboyant Natural has strength, but the outer appearance comes off as calmer, easy-going, and diffuse.
  • The ribcage and chest of these two body types also contradict one another. Flamboyant Natural appears more triangular since her hips are narrower than her shoulders, whereas Dramatic can appear more banana-shaped.
  • Dramatics wear a custom-made suit like a second skin. Moreover, the lines of their dress are usually enhanced by the crisp structure. On the other hand, Flamboyant Natural dresses in heavier, more tactile, sensual fabrics with the same level of comfort. Further, the earthiness and solidity of Flamboyant Naturals allow them to stand out in their wild ensembles truly.


Dramatics and Flamboyant Naturals differ significantly from one another, which is similar to their distinct aesthetics and philosophies. One must always prioritize a feeling of freedom, and Kibbe Quiz helps to find your type.