Zero Investment Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

If you do not have the money to invest then start a business with no investment. Here are a few ideas that you can try:


It is a great way to generate passive income. To start a blog you have to find the niche about which you have knowledge and interest. You need to start writing blog posts so the reader wants to or loves to read. To start this you can create your free blog site from Wix and blogger. There is no need to pay for web hosting. A blog site is filled with good SEO content. There are many ways that you can use to monetize the site. You can do affiliate marketing on the site.

Data Entry Service:

The company outsources its data entry works to freelancers and data entry operators. The service is quite in demand. A data entry business is a small business with zero investment and you can earn profit. There are no specialized skills required. You should have computer knowledge and good typing speed.


A consultancy is a business that you can run from home. Consultancy services are one of the no investment businesses. There is a variety of domains that anyone can start based on their expertise. Popular domains are business consultants, legal consultants, marketing consultants, etc.

Recruitment Firm:

In the recruitment business, you are looking for a human resource who is talented and accomplished. Recruitment firms get a commission for companies based on manpower.

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Real Estate Broker:

This business is a booming one. Here companies are looking to invest in plots and real estate. This business does not need heavy investment and it has got great scope for the future.


It is a popular business option that needs no investment. Here you need to do is to create exciting videos. For that, you can get viewers and subscribers. You can be a partner, sell merchandise by youtube channel or create sponsored content for earning.


With the increase of social media users and companies are spending money on social media marketing, becoming an influencer can become a great way for money. For this, you have to be active on social media and have 1000 followers. To increase followers you need to post good and engaging content.

Coaching Class:

Coaching classes are popular with no investment, if you have your concept clear and you want to teach well then you can open an online coaching class, the investment required is zero and you can start teaching at home, or later you can expand.


The number of podcast listeners is increasing and making podcasting a great business to start. You can earn money through sponsorship with zero investment.


It is a popular no investment business. To do this you need a good supplier. At first, you need to decide what to sell. You can dropship through amazon or Shopify.

Selling Of E-Books:

It is one of the no investment businesses, where you can write sale ebooks and charge a commission per sale.